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Debu Pala, Tepung Pala Atau Pala Powder

Update Terakhir
09 / 01 / 2023
Min. Pembelian
1 Kilogram (Kg)


Rp. 30.000

Detail Debu Pala, Tepung Pala Atau Pala Powder

Saya menjual Tepung Pala, Debu Pala, atau Pala Powder.
Harum, Bagus, Murah.
Silahkan hubungi saya
Budi Harto
Star Laboratories
Pergudangan Mutiara Margomulyo Indah C 15
Surabaya, Indonesia
Whatapp/ Phone +62816525328
Nutmeg is the seed or ground spice of several species of the genus Myristica. Myristica fragrans (fragrant nutmeg or true nutmeg) is a dark-leaved evergreen tree cultivated for two spices derived from its fruit: nutmeg, from its seed, and mace, from the seed covering. It is also a commercial source of an essential oil and nutmeg butter. Conifers of the genus Torreya, commonly known as the nutmeg yews, have edible seeds of similar appearance, but are not closely related to Myristica fragrans, and are not used as a spice. Indonesia is the main producer of nutmeg and mace.
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